16 maja 2011

Long Nails v2 - Matte II

Long nails v2 in 5 summer matte colors.
+ ring on the middle finger of right hand.
Nail base with nail shadows (gloves & tattoo layer)

14 maja 2011

Roses Tights

Roses pattern was made at 3D mesh so front & rear are perfectly matched.
4 layers: socks, underpants, pants & tattoo.

Colors: Black, Brown & Rosso.

4 maja 2011


Simple & beautiful! ♥

17 Colors + 3 bonus colors only in fatpack!

Shoes come with alpha layer (for viewer 2) and invisible prims (for viewer 1).
Attached on feets, with ankle lock system.
Dialog menu in right shoe: Invisible prims ON & OFF.