2 listopada 2010

Animals on the Moon

Moon Nails & Animals Rings

Available for purchase:
1. Pack: scripted with texture change on one or all of the nails (10 colors) & texture change on one or all rings (3 colors)
2. One color of nails with 1 rings color:
- Black/White, Black/Red, Red/Black nails comes with black rings
- White/Black, Red/White, White/Vine nails comes with white rings
- Pearl/Black, Black/Gold, Burgundy/Black, Vine/Pearl nails comes with gold rings

Photo style list:
♦ Skin: -Belleza-
♦ Hair: >Truth<
♦ Dress: "NINIKO"
♦ Tattoo: *Linc*
♦ Chair: {theosophy} xd

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